Nomination Forms

Next Meeting Monday July 1 at 7 PM

The monthly meetings are held the first Monday of each month at 7 PM at the pavilion located on the south side of Apache Moon.  All residents are encouraged to attend to help manage and maintain the community.

Hello everyone!

In the next couple of weeks, each property owner will receive a letter with a nomination form. There are 3 positions on the POA Board  coming available in September and 1 position open on the Architectural Control Committee that needs to be filled. If you are interested or know of someone who is, complete the nomination form and mail back or drop off at the POA drop box on Hiawatha by the due date in the letter. Nominees will be contacted to make sure they are interested in serving. Everyone will receive another letter to vote on those nominated. The votes will be counted and elected on September 15th at 2pm at the annual POA meeting.

It is important to fill these positions. If not filled, you will only have 3 people on your board and the following year these 3 positions will end. It’s important to keep your board in place. If you are interested, but have questions feel free to contact a board member. 

Thanks for your participation!

Lesha Betts


Nomination Forms

POA Dues are DUE NOW  $36

For filing a variance for permission to store a travel trailer or RV, please fill out this form and submit to the POA.

Form #1 All Structures 04212017

Please use our email for any additional questions

Indian Hills Estates Property Owners Association, Inc., P.O. Box 743, Spring Branch, TX 78070, is a non-profit organization formed to serve the community.

Here is another helpful link that the community can join: indianhillsestatestx.nextdoor.com

Comal County Environmental Services – 830-608-2090