Minutes from the July 1, 2019 IHE POA Meeting

The meeting was called to order t 7:07pm by the president Laura McKee. Other board members present were Lesha Betts, Nicole Coughlin, and Beverly Maloy.

Minutes: from the June meeting were approved as read by the secretary Beverly Maloy.

Treasurer’s report: was approved as read by the treasurer Nicole Coughlin. An entry as donation was actually for the other half of the dumpster fee paid as promised by the water supply company. Past dues were collected on four foreclosures. No contact made yet with the CPA re: taxes. Nicole will compile a list of outstanding dues, title transfers, and collections on foreclosures to have ready for the annual meeting in September.

ACC report: was given by Vicky Rainwater. The mobile home on the corner of SilverWings /Apache Moon willbe torn down and replaced by the owner. There has possibly been vandalism at the Dodd property. Everyone is again encouraged to notify the Sheriff’s office of any suspected illegal activities in our community.

Old business:Only one nomination letter has been received so far. The POA board will meet again on July 8 at 7pm to do a form review. The letter to the community with ballots will go out by August 8.    The 2 worst properties needing violation letters are on Silver Wings/ Pocahontas, and the property on Apache Moon that has until July 8 to give an update on the efforts to clean the property there.    Laura has been unable to make contact with the attorney. Lesha will send her the direct number to his secretary.

New business: The evening news cast featured a segment on Jen Crownover and the update regarding ongoing efforts to clean up the junkyard on 281 at the entrance to the subdivision.

The next meeting of the POA will be August 19, 2019 at 7pm. There will be no meeting the first Monday of September. The annual meeting will be Sunday, September 15 at 2pm.  

The meeting was adjourned at 7:54pm by president Laura McKee.

  • Respectfully submitted Beverly Maloy, secretary.