Minutes from the February 4, 2019 IHEPOA Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 7:06pm by the POA president Laura McKee. Other POA board members present were Lesha Betts, Nicole Coughlin, Beverly Maloy, Mike Kleiss, and Chuck Styers.

Minutes: from the January 7, 2019 POA meeting were approved as read by the secretary Beverly Maloy.

Treasurer’s report: was approved as read by the treasurer Nicole Coughlin. Dues letters were sent out on Saturday morning, February 2, 2019. 3 property owners have moved out and one has refinanced resulting in payment of back dues. The CPA information has been sent.

ACC report:There are no pending new requests. The house on the Devin Breland property is gone. The approval letter for the proposed new garage has been sent.

Old business: The covenants must be updated to meet state requirements this year. Vicky Rainwater, Laura McKee, Beverly Maloy, and possibly Lesha Betts and Nicole Coughlin will try to set up a day to review the existing covenants for points that need clarification/updating. The updates will be presented to community POA members for a vote.                                                                                                  The 2019 IHE community clean-up days have been rescheduled for Saturday March 30, 8:00am-4:00pm and Sunday March 31 from 1:00pm-4:00pm if the dumpster has not been filled on Saturday.  Laura McKee will notify the dumpster company. Lesha Betts has been in contact with County Commissioner Jen Crownover regarding speeding on Apache Moon and Broken Arrow.                                                                                                         

New business: The annual meeting of the IHE water company will be held on Saturday 2/09/19 at 2:00pm here in the pavilion.                                                 Several community members have suggested to Lesha Betts that the community hold a community wide garage sale. Individual property owners will be responsible for set up and clean up on their own properties. Lesha will contact Mary Abel to post the suggestion on Next Door Indian Hills.                                  

Vicky Rainwater will attend the City of Spring Branch meeting tomorrow to ask about status regarding clean-up of the junkyard on Hwy 281 at the entrance to the community. The DOT was noted cleaning up there today.                                                                                          

The next meeting of the IHE POA will be at 7:00pm on March 4, 2019.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned by the POA president Laura McKee at 7:57pm.

Respectfully submitted, Beverly Maloy, IHE POA secretary