Synopsis of IH POA Minutes for 2017

January 9, 2017: Amy McLin was present to answer questions regarding the current covenants and by-laws, as well as, functions and legal operations of a POA board. Many good questions and concerns were raised concerning the legal implications regarding amending by-laws, filing and enforcing liens, raising dues, and what to do with the pool. Amy updated the POA on the recent laws pertaining to POA’s enacted by the Texas State Legislature.

February 6, 2017: The revised covenants were completed for the second time and were in the process of being delivered to POA members. The revised covenants will need to be voted in by 51% of the eligible voters. If approved, the annual dues would increase to $75.00, if not approved, they would be required to return to the 1985 assessment of $36.00/yr. as any increases to the dues since 1985 had never been filed and can no longer be assessed. The repercussions of not being able to continue to operate with the current budget was discussed at length. If the required 51% could not be reached, immediate action would be required to reduce operating expenses. The importance of everyone getting their ballots signed and returned by March 4, 2017, was stressed.

March 6, 2017: The results of the voting for the revision of the covenants was extremely disappointing. Out of the 181 ballots mailed out, only 39 ballots were returned. As a result, the community will be forced to return to the 1985 version and the dues return to the original assessment of $36.00/yr./property owner. The topic of necessary actions to reduce expenses as discussed in detail. The pool was the biggest expense. Since the POA could no longer legally charge for pool keys, the $36.00/yr. dues could not cover the costs to keep it. Pool maintenance would be discontinued as of April 1, 2017 and the pool would be immediately and permanently closed. The POA phone will be shut off, the POA website will be discontinued when the current contract expires. The monthly IHE POA newsletter will no longer be provided. The electricity to the pool, pavilion, and park will be shut off. The 10 street lights paid for by the POA will be kept on as long as feasible due to the drastic decrease in dues. The letter sent out with the ballots for covenant revision had clearly outlined the need for drastic and immediate actions if the needed 51% approval was not reached. A lengthy discussion was had regarding what to do with the pool. The suggestion was finally made to possibly deed the pool and POA park, pavilion, and surrounding POA property to the water supply company for $10.00. If the pool would be sold, the new owners could use it for any purpose they see fit. The profits from the sale would need to be used to pay any outstanding debts and the remainder would be donated to another non-profit entity. The motion was made and seconded that president Laura McKee and other board members present the possibility to the water supply company at their next meeting.

April 3,2017: The SBIHEWSC has accepted the proposal from the POA board to deed the POA property, pool, park and pavilion to them for $10.00. Once the paperwork is filed the POA will no longer be responsible for insuring or maintaining the property. The current POA will be granted permission to continue to use the pavilion for meetings and POA functions for a period of one year. The approval thereafter will be needed on a yearly basis. A discussion ensued regarding the perceived abruptness of the decision to deed the property to the water supply corporation. The reminder was made that the attorney had met with POA at the special meeting in January 2017, allowing property owners opportunity to ask questions regarding the need to raise current POA dues and the necessary consequences if the dues are not increased. There were then 2 more POA meetings with in depth discussions on the matter and then 2 more ballots were sent out detailing the need to increase dues and the needed actions if the dues remained at the 1985 rate. Unfortunately, the vote did not reach the needed 51% of eligible voters to pass. The POA board then had to make decisions to proceed “in the best interests of the community” as outlined by Texas POA/ HOA state laws. The question was raised whether to abolish the POA board. 51% of eligible voters would be needed to do so. Several liens against properties with high dollar non-payment of dues expired in January 2017. This type of lien must be renewed every 7 years and action is being taken to renew them. Harold Meckel resigned from the board due to conflicts with his work schedule.

May 1, 2017: The insurance on the property recently deeded to the SBIHEWS Corp has been terminated as of May 1, 2017. Liability Insurance for The POA and the Board will remain in effect. The new cost of insurance will now be $143/mo. The previous monthly cost which also included the insurance for the park, pool, and pavilion had been $739.39. Letters regarding the updated covenants will be going out again soon. The new letter will reflect that the yearly POA dues will be $36.00/mo. and the 5% increase clause will be taken out. Property owners may store 1 RV but it cannot be lived in. Property owners must maintain acceptable appearance of their properties. Melba Balantac submitted her resignation from the board due to family obligations.

June 5, 2017: Letters regarding violations have gone out and second letters will be going out soon as needed. Positive results are beginning to be seen in the community, but much more needs to be done. Everyone was reminded to notify Vicky if new violations are noted. There is a need for posting commercial lot guidelines. It was stressed that the POA is every property owner in our community, not just the board members. Suggestions were made and discussed that IHE have block parties in sections in the community. A Fall Festival was another possibility that was brought up. The General Meeting of the IHE POA will be on September 17, 2017. There are several terms of board members that will be ending then and Melba Balantac and Mike Kleiss have stated that they need to resign from the POA board of directors effective immediately. A nominating committee is needed to seek candidates to fill 3-year terms. Laura McKee’s term will be up in September and she stated she will be willing to run for office again at that time.

July 10, 2017:  The 2017 General Meeting of the Indian Hills Estates POA will be held on Sunday, September 17 at 2 pm. New by-laws and ballots will be mailed out in August. Registered letters will be going out to property owners who are in violation and have not made efforts to comply after 2nd and 3rd violation letters have been sent out. They will be informed that the POA Board will hire to have the property cleaned up and the property owners will be assessed for the charges. There will be a meeting of the City of Spring Branch on Tuesday, 7-11-2017, at 6:30pm. Vicky Rainwater and Beverly Maloy will plan to attend to bring up questions regarding the dump on Hwy 281 at Putter Creek. A question was raised concerning the safety of the fireworks stand at Hwy 281 and Silver Wings, who owns it, whether there is a permit for the stand, and possible storing of unsold fireworks on site after the holiday. The matter will be looked into and will also be brought up at the City of Spring Branch meeting on Tuesday, July 11.

August 7, 2017: Everyone was reminded that the next meeting of the IHE POA will be the general meeting on Sunday September 17, 2017 at 2pm. The results of the counting of ballots to approve the revised covenants as well as result of the voting to replace/re-elect board members will be announced at that time. Ballots should be turned into the POA mail box at 2002 Hiawatha by 9-15-17, or may be brought to the meeting on Sunday September 17. Vicky Rainwater reported for the ACC that two registered final violation letters are scheduled to go out tomorrow. There are now fewer than 15 violation letters remaining. Improvements are beginning to be noted around the community in response to the letters.

Everyone was reminded that the IHE POA General Meeting is scheduled for Sunday September 17, 2017 at 2 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Beverly Maloy secretary