Minutes from the March 5, 2018 IHE POA Meeting

The meeting was called to order by POA president Laura McKee at 7:10 pm. Board members present were Laura McKee, Lesha Betts, Beverly Maloy, Nicole Coughlin, Mike Kleiss, and Chuck Styers.

The minutes from the February meeting were approved as corrected to read that the Rosas had requested approval to build a house addition rather than a carport.

Treasurer’s report: Approved as read by the treasurer Nicole Coughlin who stated there has been a good response to dues letters and reminded everyone that dues need to be in by March 31, 2018. Nicole plans to go to Randolph Regional Credit Union tomorrow with Laura McKee. There has still been no response from Texas Regional Bank regarding the need to name Nicole Coughlin as the new POA treasurer, so a decision must be made about where to open a new POA account.

ACC report: was given by Vicky Rainwater. Requests for variance for 1 RV and the Rosas room addition have been received. There has been no response to letters regarding travel trailers, 2 previous letters and one new one. Vicky will continue to follow up.

Old Business:  After a trip in person, I was advised to contact the Comal County Commissioners Court by a very helpful lady at the Comal ISD bus dispatch office. There is no phone number available on-line, so a letter was drafted concerning the issue. It was approved by the POA board and signed by the POA secretary, vice-president, and president. It will be mailed tomorrow, March 6, 2018.

New business: The issue of raising the POA dues was discussed again. A possibility of returning the dues for current POA members to $48.00/year and $75.00/year for new move- ins was suggested and was favorably received by the POA members present. There will be the need for another mail-out for another vote regarding the dues and by-laws.

Vicky Rainwater and Laura McKee will be working on violation letters this week. Delinquent letters will be filed with the county.

The next meeting of the IHE POA will be April 2, 2018 at 7:00 pm. The meeting was adjourned at 8:13 pm by Laura McKee.

Respectfully submitted, Beverly Maloy, IHE POA secretary