The meeting was called to order by the president Laura McKee at 7:08 pm. The
sign in sheet was circulated to all members in attendance. POA board members present were Laura McKee, Lesha Betts, Cordie Morgan, and Beverly Maloy.

The minutes from the June 2017 meeting were approved as read by secretary Beverly Maloy.
The Treasurer’s report was approved as read by treasurer Lesha Betts.
The ACC report was read by Vicky Rainwater. The plans submitted for the Esqueda and Estrella properties were approved by the ACC and POA board. Seven violation letters will be going out. Some of these are second and third letters. The ACC is coordinating closely with the POA board.

Old business: The 2017 General Meeting of the Indian Hills Estates POA will be held on Sunday, September 17 at 2 pm. New by-laws and ballots will be mailed out the first week in August.

New Business: Registered letters will be going out to property owners who are in violation and have not made efforts to comply after 2nd and 3rd violation letters have been sent out. They will be informed that the POA Board will hire to have the property cleaned up and the property owners will be assessed for the charges.

There will be a meeting of the City of Spring Branch on Tuesday, 7-11-2017, at 6:30pm. Vicky Rainwater and Beverly Maloy will plan to attend to bring up questions regarding the dump on Hwy 281 at Putter Creek.
A question was raised concerning the safety of the fireworks stand at Hwy 281 and Silver Wings, who owns it, whether there is a permit for the stand, and possible storing of unsold fireworks on site after the holiday. The matter will be looked into and will also be brought up at the City of Spring Branch meeting on Tuesday, July 11.
Happily, Mike Kleiss will not need to resign from the POA board after all and has formally rescinded his resignation.

The next meeting of the Indian Hills Estates POA will be Monday, 8-7-2017, at 7pm. There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:45pm by president Laura McKee.
Respectfully submitted, Beverly Maloy, secretary.